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Clearing the weed

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Weed - a 'growing' problem

Over recent years most freshwater bodies of water have been experiencing increased incidence of weed through the summer months. Exactly why this is hasn't really been explained, but the banning of the many chemicals previously used for plant control is probably a significant factor.

Newquay Lake is not immune from this phenomenon and it affects all lake users.

Several years ago the weed was less of a problem and could easily be removed by dragging a rope across the lake as can be seen in the following photos

Rope dragging was reasonably effective at that time and was an easy task for most of us. Dave Angove however may disagree with that - as he was the one in the boat!!

In late Spring 2010 the local council brought in a contractor to 'harvest' the weed using a floating cutter. How effective this will be remains to be seen.

The floating 'harvester' is shown in the following pictures.

Here is the weed which has been cut from the lake bottom and ready for collecting for disposal.

However experience in the several weeks since the 'harvesting' showed it to be not too successful. Whilst much of the weed had gone there was still enough left behind to 'grab the keel' making it no good for sailing. In the event we had to wait until the September and the cooler weather before sailing could be resumed on the lake.

In slightly more recent times the Council decided to try to letting seawater ingress into the lake at very high tides. This has been done a couple of times a year for the past year or so, with minimal success so far.
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